LIAM + EMMA: an engagement shoot

We rescheduled this engagement shoot five times over five months, waiting for the light to be just right. It seemed every time we picked a new date, we were destined for rain! But we were determined to get that pretty light shining through the woodland forest, so Liam + Emma were happy to wait. Thankfully, everything lined up just in time before coronavirus restrictions put a halt to the photography industry as we knew it. It was a perfect afternoon, and Liam + Emma brought along their two gorgeous collies, Elsie + Bella, and apart from my being amazed at how well-trained they were (my dog would not just merrily wander around a forest off a lead, and come whenever called, without being distracted by a bird and taking off to who knows where), they were just the perfect subjects to back light and silhouette their fur against that sunset.

Your wedding may have been postponed due to the ‘rona guys, but I just know your wedding in July 2021 is going to be just as beautiful!

_E013547b copy

_E014733a copy


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