If you are thinking of a wedding at Mt. Tamborine, the lavender fields at Jasmin Organics and sunset photos at Hang Gliders Lookout are two of my favourite places to shoot!

love adventurous couples, and Lynn + Kiny were up for anything! Neither of them knew how to swim, but that didn’t stop them from getting into a rowboat for some amazing photos. Their love for each other and their laughter was just infectious, and their bridal party brought the good times, the tunes and the pizza – like any good bridal party should!

Congratulations Lynn + Kiny!

DSC_1374a copy.jpg

DSC_1864a copy.jpg

DSC_2096bw copy

DSC_2124a copy.jpg

DSC_2301-2bw copy.jpg

DSC_2663-2a copy

DSC_2424bw copy.jpg

DSC_3075a copy

DSC_3076a copy


DSC_3230a copy

DSC_3553a copy

DSC_3682a copyDSC_3970a copyDSC_3693a copyDSC_3954a copyDSC_3699a copyDSC_3733-2aa copyDSC_3752b copyDSC_3737a copyDSC_3869-2a copyDSC_3873-2a copyDSC_3876-2bw copyDSC_3879-2a copyDSC_3881-2a copyDSC_3997a copyDSC_4001a copyDSC_4014a copy

DSC_4222a-2 copy

DSC_4323a copyDSC_4320c copyDSC_4315a copyDSC_4305a-2 copyDSC_4297v-2 copyDSC_4288c-3 copy



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