“We love our photos! Elise had creative ideas, and a great eye for scenery. We got beautiful photos and she was so relaxed and professional and put us at ease.”
– Lizzie + Dan

Thank you to Lizzie + Dan for flying me to Sydney to photograph their wedding.
I love to travel! x

DSC_6937b copyDSC_6947a copyDSC_6949a copyDSC_6969a copy

DSC_7247a copyDSC_7263bw copy

DSC_7492a copyDSC_7496a copyDSC_7555-2c copyDSC_7562b copyDSC_7563b copy

DSC_7610a copy

DSC_7700a copyDSC_7679-3a copyDSC_7728a-2 copyDSC_7745a copyDSC_7732a-2 copy

DSC_7958a copyDSC_7978a copyDSC_7982af copyDSC_8001a copyDSC_8017a-2 copyDSC_8072fbc copyDSC_8080a copyDSC_8088a copyDSC_8089bw copyDSC_8095a copyDSC_8179a copyDSC_8183a copyDSC_8189aa copyDSC_8193a copyDSC_8209az copyDSC_8210av copyDSC_8217a2 copyDSC_8243-2b copy

DSC_8338d copyDSC_8355a copyDSC_8369a copyDSC_8403ab copyDSC_8465a copyDSC_8466-2b copyDSC_8479-2a copy

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